Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Got Me Workin' 9 to 5! Life at H&M

Hello Lovely! I just came home from a loooonnnngggg day of work, a 9-5 shift to be exact, and am finally kicking back to relax. I made a jumbo salad for dinner and devoured it like a savage, so not only am I relaxed, I'm extremely satisfied! In this dream-like state, I felt the need to share my almost endless day with you. Well, I work at H&M at a nearby mall and it's literally the best job a struggling college student could ever have (especially one that's into fashion, like myself)! The job itself doesn't make you want to jump off a cliff, the customers aren't terrible in the least bit, and it doesn't hurt to do a little window shopping while you're on the clock haha. Of course retail is supposed to be grueling, but for some reason my store location does the opposite of stress me out. Today was definitely one of those days, where it just breezed on by although the hours were long enough to travel to Thailand and back! The hardest part of the day was being flat broke on my lunch break -__- I normally bring an abundance of delicious fruits with me on my shifts, but today I had nada. The sad part was going to Target to buy some grapes and strawberries and not being able to afford them! The total came to $4.98 and my card still wouldn't go through, ughhh. Through some aggressive purse digging and desperate determination, I found about $3 in change! Woo hoo! I bought the grapes with an awkward/embarrassed smile on my face and made sure I guzzled them before I could even taste the juiciness.

 The break room at H&M! You can even see a Starbucks cup one of the fashionistas left behind haha. 

My prized pound and a half of grapes! Well they're only a pound at this point since I got to them too quickly:P I sooo earned these babies! 

Can you see how happy I am? I've never been so excited to take a picture next to extra tasty grapes in my life! Thank the Lord for pennies and dimes, because I was on Cloud 9 gobbling on nature's candy. 

Well other than my money (or no-money) dilemma, I had a smooth day. I even went to my local Farmer's Market afterwards to grab a few thangs! I can't lie, my daddy gave me $20 for a mini spree haha. But you can't blame a college student! Being broke is literally the norm in our sad, sad lives. Either way, I refuse to consume cheap, processed foods because they're simply convenient. I will always continue to buy my beloved fruits and veggies until my bank account drops into the negatives:) 

Have you ever worked in retail? If so, is/was your experience less neutral than mine? I hear so many horror stories that I'm sure it is! Sadly, it's about that time to finally call it a day. I must go on to do some yoga, meditate, and rest my weary, nearsighted eyes. Thanks for reading and I hope you found something relate-able in my post! Peace, Love, and Veggies

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