Friday, August 9, 2013

Hormone-Free = A Happy Me!! No More Birth Control for this Girl

Hello Beautiful! So, yesterday was fun! I spent the day with the immediate fam (mom, dad, and little sis) and we did some culinary exploring around town. We were originally going to dine at this awesome vegan restaurant called "Great Sage" in Clarksville, but we decided to stay local and ate at the veggie-friendly "Mark's Kitchen" in Takoma Park. This was our first experience there and we very much enjoyed ourselves! I was so hungry by the time I got there, I would have probably eaten anything, including the chair I was sitting on haha. Out of being adventurous, I ordered the seaweed salad and another salad that had loads of seaweed and was surprised to find that I'm fond of seaweed! I always pictured it as this slimy, bitter, puke-green rope of nastiness, but I'm glad to find it was not. I wish I took a picture to share the yumminess but I was way too hungry to even consider it! Although the salads were delicious, the portions were baby sized! They sadly couldn't satisfy my need for super huge portions and I had to go elsewhere:( Later on that night, we went to Columbia Mall and I found a little kiosk called "Salad Creations." Their fresh veggie selection caught my eye, but reading the ingredients in their salad dressings made me queasy, so I got an abundance of tasty greens and veggies with a smidgen of balsamic vinegar and went crazy! At that point, my belly was finally full and satisfied:D Once again, I was too inconsiderate to take a snapshot of the pretty salad, but just know that it was a sight to see and that anyone would have found it delightful. The day ended with some friendly family conversation on the car ride back and then a niceee loonngggg slumber!

The menu at Mark's! They have a wide selection of veggie eats, which is obvious through looking at how many pages their menu has  haha. 

My mom and sis in front of the restaurant! They look just alike sometimes that it's scary! 

Just me and my sis:) Although I was basically hungry after eating, I still had the somewhat energy to crack a smile haha. 

Now on to the focus of the post: I am NO longer taking birth control pills!! Today marks the first day of eliminating the unneeded hormones from my life after nearly 3 years. Words can't explain how happy I am! Throughout those years, I kind of felt like I was in a fog. As if I wasn't as focused or didn't have much will power to do what was good for me (except for this year with my new lifestyle!). Oh, and of course there were the mood swings, the many, many mood swings. There were too many times where my fam had to run and take cover from the wrath of Jamila! But that is all going to end now, because I refuse to pump my temple with damaging hormones. Though birth control is incredibly effective, the side effects are just not worth it. I have decided to use alternative contraceptives and I can't see myself going back. Plus, there is nothing about birth control that is conducive to my new lifestyle! I want to be completely and totally at peace with myself, without the influence of hormones or unnatural foods. I can see life being much more joyous and beautiful now that my body can finally function naturally and that I can get my sanity back. 

Have you ever been on the pill? If so, what was your experience? Hopefully better than mine haha. Well, I must end my night by washing up for bed and having a calm session of meditation. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my post! Peace, Love, and Veggies

This is true happiness without birth control! Yaayyy to a hormone-free future! 

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