Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday Crappy Sunday

Hello Wonderful! Once again, my yesterday was fun! I chilled around the house, followed by some organic grocery shopping at my local co-op and belly dancing. What a great combo! But the highlight of my sunny Sunday was definitely the boo lovin' :D After dinner at my former favorite vegan restaurant, my beautiful beau stopped by for a little bit of hang time (nothing frisky!). I made him a tasty Thai-inspired salad and prepared us an all-natural peach cobbler with banana ice cream, and we watched True Blood like we do every summer. It was too fun for words and I got to show off my non-cooking skills haha.

As mentioned before, I ate out yesterday at another vegan restaurant. It's a soul food themed place called "Everlasting Life" in D.C., just about 25 minutes from my house. I normally don't eat out this much, but my family has been in social eating mood lately, and it's almost impossible to turn down free food. And due to my strict eating habits and diet, it makes it hard for me to comfortably eat out! The scariest thing in the world to me is to consume something and not know what is in it. Would you want to eat a salad and later find out that the dressing had dinosaur eggs in it?? No, I bet you would not haha. Unfortunately, this experience (out of the many that I've had at EL) was not a good one; especially since I have gotten much more strict and paranoid from the last time I've dined there. I ordered 4 raw sides knowing that they all probably had too much oil, salt, and fat in them for me to easily digest, but I just wanted to let go and have fun. Fun it was not. After the meal, I sensed some discomfort in my tummy, a little bit of mind blankness, and energy depletion, which is extremely uncommon because all my food gives me the best bursts of energy! I tried to ignore the bothersome symptoms and ordered some (dare I say it?) COOKED ginger spiced tofu! I'm not fanatical about raw food, although I'm in love with it, so I didn't think it was going to be a big deal. Oh, what a big deal and mistake that was. The first bite was pretty fine, but as I got to the third or fourth piece, I thought I was going to puke! Of course I stopped and finally listened to the signals my healthy body was trying to tell me. I can't believe I would keep eating that stuff, but it tasted so good and was raw that I thought I wouldn't be doing too much damage since I eat very healthy about 99.999% of the time. I've learned my lesson from all the culinary experiences that I've had in the past week: only eat out if I have to! I either need to ask more questions about the ingredients in the food or not go out at all. I don't mind my body being sensitive to crap, so I'm not going to hinder it any further for the sake of being social. The best part is that I don't eat junk regularly so I can just pick myself up from this experience and move on! But, the sad part is that Everlasting Life used to be my favorite restaurant in my earliest vegan days and I obviously can't over indulge there like I used to. I guess if you love something, you gotta let it go haha. I'm still a little bitter because the food sickness lasted up until I went to sleep last night, but thanks to my boyfriend's sweet company and my prayers, I was able to feel energized when I woke up this morning! Although my Sunday wasn't as relaxing as I thought, I was still able to be around loved ones and appreciate the weird experience that was thrown into my life.

Do you have any food sensitivities? If so, what are they? Now I know that it's pre-made food in general, poor me haha. Well, thanks for reading and I hope you got something from my post! Peace, Love, and Veggies

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