Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome to the Family Baby Jordan!!

Yesterday, my folks, baby sister, and I went to Falls Church, VA to visit my family, but the main focus was to see my new outrageously precious cousin, Jordan Jr., that just entered the world! Newborn babies make me want to scream out loud about their cuteness! I always look like an idiot around little cuties because I will NOT stop pinching their cheeks and they fight me off almost every time haha.

Look at this little angel! Ughh, I'm going insane from his adorableness!! 

Anyways, before I was interrupted by Jordan's adorableness, my family time was an absolute delight. I got to see cousins and aunts and uncles that I haven't seen in months! I love my family so it was obviously difficult to be away for long, but I was just grateful to see that they were all in good minds, bodies, and spirits. Oh, what fun they are! 

Since this was a family gathering, and there's no such thing as a gathering without food, there was plenty of food that I simply could not eat haha. It's totally cool because I haven't came out to the rest of my fam about my new lifestyle and eating habits, so I didn't expect anyone to accommodate me. To be smart, I made my own dinner before I left, which was extra tasty might I add! Once again I didn't take a picture due to excitement of eating, but I will explain it anyways=P I made corn chowder and used it as a salad dressing over a large bowl of greens, corn, onions, and celery. When I tell you that salad tasted like heaven, boy do I mean it! There's nothing better than eating a wonderful dinner out of random creativity and it actually being delicious. I even brought a big ol' bag of apples just in case I was hungry again, and after that huge salad, I definitely was not haha. Of course I don't need food to enjoy my family's company, but I plan on bringing a dish or few to future gatherings; out of giving them a unique experience with raw vegan food AND out of being an extreme foodie. I'm excited for that! 

I love these people man! I really did have a blast, even without cake haha. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my post, or at least baby Jordan's cute little face! I'm going to go on and face the day now with some grocery shopping and romantic adventures with my partner in crime, Vante:) Have a happy Sunday because I know I will! Peace, Love, and Veggies


  1. Jordan's little cheeks!!!! so adorable! I think you have great idea bringing a raw vegan dish to share with your family... you never know they just might like it.

    I'm not a raw vegan but Ani's Raw Food Kitchen Cookbook is really good. I highly recommend it :)

    1. I know! Isn't he a little ball of joy? And thanks! I just hate feeling left out and would love if it they had food from my world. I've never heard of that cookbook but I will definitely check it out! Thanks alot because I'm really in need of new recipes haha.