Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Pangs of Being Broke

I'm young, I go to college, I don't have a high paying job, and I have many, MANY things to pay for to support my lifestyle, so why is it still so surprisingly painful to be flat broke??! For some reason, every time my card gets declined I stare at the ATM machine in crippling shock and awe, as if I've never been rejected by a machine before. Although it has happened more times than I'd like to admit (or maybe I'm just exaggerating), I'm still surprised to see that my bank account isn't as full as I thought haha. That always sets me up for failure because there's never too much to buy when you're a 21 year old semi-diva like me!

The real problem with my lack of funds is keeping up with my annoyingly abundant lifestyle. My diet mainly consists of fruits, veggies, and nuts, and I eat ginormous, ridiculously HUGE portions of them (except for the nuts of course haha). This means that I'm constantly buying and swallowing these delicious treats every 5 seconds! It sucks because they're not that expensive by themselves, but if you get to my level of intake, they cost a fortune and a half. Woe is me!! But I've somehow made it by in the past 2 weeks of ultimate account emptiness, and have been able to scrape up some change to buy hefty portions of my favorite foods. It's a miracle (also with the slight help of my daddy haha), but I will always keep my head high and remain strong through this difficult time. In the end, supporting my health and vitality is priceless, so I will pay as much as I can to get all the nutritious food that I please! Being on an extra small, tight budget with a complicated diet is no joke, but I always somehow make it happen. Thank God pay day is coming up soon because I'm going to go on a lengthy and heavy grocery shopping haul!! I'm sooo taking pictures and all that mess, so be sure to check them out on my Facebook and Instagram pages:)

Have you ever had to interrupt your awesome lifestyle because of monetary issues? If so, what was it? Probably not about food like my odd dilemma haha. Thanks for reading and I hope you feel my pain! Peace, Love, and Veggies

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